Founded in early 2017, UYU represents the next evolution in the esports movement. With a focus on identifying and cultivating emerging talent, UYU aims to give its players and content creators the tools and the platform to take their game and content to the next level. With a competitive global roster including top influencers and pro-players from Asia, North America, and Europe, UYU has quickly established itself as a leader in the Fighting Game Community, Call of Duty and other titles. Working in collaboration with some of the industry’s top talents and brands, UYU is continually pushing to elevate the quality and originality of its team content and competitive performance.

For 2019, UYU has started off strong by fortifying its roster, and qualifying for one of the 16 pro-team spots in the Call of Duty World League. With this outstanding achievement in UYU’s first expansion outside of fighting games, the future looks bright for UYU’s competitive teams and rosters.

UYU will also be focused on highlighting and creating content around both the members of our organization as well as deserving non-sponsored players, content creators and community members. This will be seen through several initiatives with regional and local scenes in the FGC, as well as a wider search for the next big things in content creation and streaming across multiple genres. Also following our first sold-out merch drop, UYU will look to continue to release limited capsules, event specific apparel, unique brand collaborations, as well as a premier line of UYU apparel.

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