UYU Welcomes Jeondding


After the 2017 Tekken World Tour concluded, many Tekken fans would await roster announcements during this offseason period. Making the first big move of the offseason, UYU signed South Korean fan-favorite Jeondding.

Along with P. Ling, Fergus, and KawaiiFaceMiles on the Tekken roster, Jeondding will represent UYU as the team looks ahead to a groundbreaking 2018. “It doesn't feel real yet, but I really appreciate that UYU has given me this opportunity,” Jeondding said. “I will do my best and work hard with my UYU team members in 2018.”

With the team expanding into a new region, UYU’s Jeondding aims to compete among Asia’s top players with more determination than ever. “I didn't take tournaments quite as seriously before. I didn't spend much time thinking about it either.” Being a new member of UYU, he feels refocused and ready to compete. “As a pro gamer, I will take it much more seriously from now on. I will practice a lot more and try different strategies. I would like to show my best abilities to the audience.”

Joining UYU not only helps Jeondding focus on competitive Tekken in Asia; it also opens up many more opportunities for him to travel internationally. “I’d like to compete in more international tournaments in many countries to promote myself and my team widely.” While Jeondding made his way to a few key international events in 2017, including a 5th place finish at EVO 2017 and 3rd place at SoCal Regionals, he aims to broaden his horizons in 2018 as a professional player.

Jeondding hopes to turn 2018 into a landmark year for himself and UYU, connecting with his teammates and proving his strength as one of the world’s best competitors. “My personal goal is to study English, so then I can communicate with my team members and share ideas together!” As he anticipates future tournaments, Jeondding added: “I will prepare myself to perform for the best possible results and to play with a professional attitude.”

Already beloved by Tekken fans around the world, Jeondding looks ahead to numerous events next year such as EVO Japan to continue to excite crowds and inspire spectators. With UYU, Jeondding is on the path to a spectacular 2018.