Welcoming Fergus to UYU


Joining a roster of unique and talented players, UYU is proud to welcome Asuka expert Fergus as the team’s first European member. Hailing from Ireland, Fergus has made a name for himself internationally through strong tournament performances. Impressive results ultimately led him to the 2017 Tekken World Tour Global Finals as Europe’s #5 seed player, where he competed against the world’s best. Going into the 2018 competitive season, Fergus will represent UYU globally as he competes at the highest level of Tekken.

“I really like the vibe behind the team,” said Fergus on joining UYU. “It feels quite close-knit; it’s my first time being on a team of Tekken players so I can really feel the sense of comradery within it.” Fergus joins players P. Ling, KawaiiFaceMiles, and Jeondding on the team’s current Tekken roster.

As a team that puts the players first, the decision to join UYU was easy for Fergus to make. “I saw a team led by people who are rooted in the FGC and that's what really appealed about UYU to me.” Working hard in presenting guides and information about Tekken for the community, Fergus’ influence in the European Tekken scene is clear to see.

Fergus understands the impact of sponsorships in Tekken and wants to continue to see this kind of growth. “I think it will help the scene, absolutely. More sponsorships equal more people traveling to events, leading to more support for tournaments from third parties, and thus a more strengthened FGC.”

By joining UYU, Fergus feels more motivated than ever to train for tournament play. “Having the opportunity to even go to these tourneys in the first place is a luxury granted by being part of UYU. This motivates me to improve myself as much as I can to do myself, my following, and UYU proud.” The team behind him will allow Fergus to reach new heights in his Tekken career, broadening his horizons and gaining plenty of experience along the way.

After competing throughout the 2017 Tekken World Tour leading up to the finals, Fergus will look ahead to a bright 2018. “I'm very blessed to have gotten this opportunity to join UYU,” Fergus stated. With the team supporting him in all of his Tekken endeavors, Fergus is poised for greatness in the new year and beyond.