UYU Expands to SFV with Kami


Following announcements of Tekken players Fergus and Jeondding joining the UYU roster, the team unveiled an expansion into the realm of Street Fighter V by signing Kami. As one of America’s best Necalli players, Kami has been working hard to prove himself at numerous Capcom Pro Tour events as well as many local tournaments. His dedication to the game is clear to see, and UYU is excited to welcome Kami as the team’s first SFV player.

“For me, it feels really good to join UYU as a sponsored player,” Kami said. “It’s a really great feeling to know you have a support group and people willing to use their own resources just to get you out there and noticed.” Recognizing the importance of sponsorships, Kami is happy to join a team that appreciates his time and effort. “It’s what every player wants is to be sponsored, because it means your hard work finally paid off.”

With a competitive scene as big as the Street Fighter community, it is not always easy for strong players to get the recognition or support they deserve. Grateful to have UYU now backing him, Kami stated: “There’s gotta be a million other SFV players out there, and some even better than me. Knowing that UYU decided to pick me first warms my heart like nothing else, because it could’ve easily been anyone else.”

Being with UYU now means more opportunities for Kami to grow as a tournament player. Joining the team enables him to compete on a larger scale, giving him chances to attend events that may not have been an option before. “I’ll be able to travel more and get my name out there, and not only my name but also the team’s name. Now I can compete not just on the East Coast, but on the West Coast and heck, maybe even internationally.”

Kami is prepared to train harder than ever now that he has joined UYU. “The impact that UYU has on my training mentality is to keep on grinding, especially knowing I have such strong teammates.” With a team of skilled fighting game players in multiple games, he is ready to show how dominant of a player he can be in Street Fighter V. “Even my teammate Jeondding, a Tekken player from Korea, got top 8 at EVO. Knowing my teammates are that strong makes me want to be strong as well.”

As he looks ahead to 2018, Kami is excited and ready for the new opportunities that await him. “I still want top 8s, I still want to win a Major, I still want to widen my following on social media, and mainly I still want to have fun doing something I love which is playing fighting games!” As a new member of UYU, Kami looks to continue his rise to the top.