UYU Expands into the Anime FGC with Beautifuldude

  Kicking off 2018, UYU is pleased to welcome anime fighting game phenom and rising Tekken talent Beautifuldude to the team. As one of America’s top players in the anime FGC, he will be representing the team in tournaments for games such as Guilty Gear, BlazBlue, and more.

For Beautifuldude, joining UYU was an easy choice. “I was really attracted to the togetherness of the team,” he said. “UYU seemed a little bit different than just a team; everyone’s very close-knit.” Having befriended some of the UYU players before joining, Beautifuldude felt at home immediately within the roster. “So far, I’m really liking everyone involved!”

Joining a new team gives Beautifuldude a new support system, something he values heavily in competitive play. “I’ve always been a big believer in friends showing support at events because I definitely feel it power me up. When I see this team, I see the same thing that my close friends do. UYU really wants you to succeed both for the team and for yourself, so you can push yourself to the next level.” As UYU’s first foray into anime fighting games, the team is excited to fully support Beautifuldude while he travels to tournaments in 2018.

One of Beautifuldude’s biggest reasons for joining UYU is the focus on positivity and self-growth within the organization. “I really like what they’re trying to do at UYU, it’s so different than everybody else. The team wants to heavily promote well-being and not only tournament results, and I really dig that.” With his positive mindset and efficient work ethic, Beautifuldude fits perfectly on the UYU roster.

As a competitor, joining UYU helps Beautifuldude focus on the things he wants to take most seriously. With multiple games he is interested in playing in 2018, Beautifuldude will be working hard to train for tournaments. “I believe that right now I’m on a good path, though I want to possibly lessen the load on myself so I can practice for the games I want to compete in.”

In a community that does not often see teams sponsoring players, Beautifuldude recognizes the importance of UYU expanding into the anime scene. “Sponsorships in anime are pretty rare, and when they do happen it’s a big deal. It’s a huge honor for UYU to choose me to represent them.” Being one of the anime FGC’s big names, he strives for the community to grow and prosper. “It’s something that I’ve always wanted to do, to push this scene further into the eyes of the general public and to get people more interested in anime games.”

While Beautifuldude accomplished one of his biggest goals last year by winning a major event as he took first place at SoCal Regionals for Guilty Gear Xrd, he has no plans of slowing down. “To win in Guilty Gear felt great, but I want to further expand on that and win in other games. I still have a long way to go in Tekken, but even that game would feel so satisfying to succeed in.” Though the competition may be fierce, Beautifuldude will be ready to fight his way to the top.

Along with playing in multiple tournaments in 2018, Beautifuldude also hopes to work on content creation and growing his Twitch stream. “I think UYU can help me more than anyone else could so I can grow my audience and help other people enjoy these games that I love so much.” With such a large following already, he has a strong base to work from as he expands his reach throughout the fighting game community.

Beautifuldude has come a long way since the beginning of his fighting game career, making friends and acquaintances who have helped him level up as a player and become the person he is today. “I’d like to thank some of the people who have helped me reach this point, including Paul a.k.a. SouperFx and Sanchez a.k.a. MechaMacGyver. Also, thank you to my training partners Foo and Jona Kim, Nano, Christie, SoCal and the rest of the anime FGC for being awesome!"

The competition begins early in 2018 as Beautifuldude will be competing in the Dissidia Fantasy Finals on January 17th, followed shortly by EVO Japan. After a milestone year in 2017, the future looks bright for Beautifuldude with UYU.