UYU Prepares for a Massive Weekend at EVO Japan

As the Evolution Championship Series’ first international event approaches, competitors from around the world are heading to EVO Japan for a weekend full of competition and celebration of fighting games.

Among the players attending the tournament are UYU’s very own P. Ling, Kami, Jeondding, NL, and Beautifuldude. Competing in Tekken 7, Street Fighter V, Guilty Gear Xrd and BlazBlue, the team is ready to show their full potential and rise to the top.

Throughout the event, the team will be hosting its players along with some special guests at the UYU Unity House. Rise Nation’s own Marn and Smug will be joining UYU at the house in Japan, as well as Rip, Tasty Steve, and Sajam.

UYU looks forward to EVO Japan for the start of a great year, competing amongst the world’s best while providing exciting content for the FGC. Join the EVO festivities as the team broadcasts live from the Unity House at UYUtv, and get ready for an action-packed weekend with UYU.

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