EVO Japan Day One Recap

Kicking off a highly anticipated weekend at EVO Japan, Kami, Jeondding, NL and Beautifuldude faced their first opponents on day one of the tournament. With lots of Street Fighter V and BlazBlue to be played, UYU came prepared for whatever the competition may throw their way. Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition

To start the day, UYU’s Kami stepped up as the first player in action. With three straight victories and no games lost, Kami swiftly qualified out of his EVO Japan pool on winner’s side.

For his first match of round 2 at EVO Japan, Kami faced Fursan’s Verloren. Despite fighting hard, Kami was sent to the loser’s side of the bracket after a 2-0 loss. Remaining determined and confident, Kami moved on to face Taiwanese player kagami220. After another rough match, Kami finished his EVO Japan run here as he fell 2-0 to his opponent. Kami ended with a 3-2 record, still showing that he is truly a worthy competitor on the global stage. Next up for UYU in Street Fighter V was NL. Following in Kami’s footsteps, NL also qualified out of his pool on winner’s side without dropping a single game.

Continuing into round 2, NL faced off against American player Fly Fishing Rick. Retaining his spotless record at EVO Japan so far, NL won 2-0 and advanced to face Nanai. With a spot on the winner’s side of top 128 in sight, NL defeated Nanai 2-0 to finish day one with a clean 5-0 record so far.

NL will begin his day two of EVO Japan against AtlasBear | stormKUBO, one of Japan’s strongest Abigail players.

UYU’s Jeondding also competed in Street Fighter V alongside Tekken 7 this weekend. Showing that he has the skills to compete in multiple games, Jeondding joined his teammates by qualifying out of his pool with a flawless record. In round 2 of SFV: AE, Jeondding claimed another 2-0 victory as he defeated Kyonmode. Moving on, he came across a familiar face as he fought Book, a fellow top-level Tekken player. Claiming victory with a 2-1 win, Jeondding advanced to the winner’s side of top 128.

Day two for Jeondding and NL will be quite interesting in SFV: AE, as the two may face each other in the winner’s bracket if they win their next matches. To see that happen, Jeondding must first get through Ponos | moke, arguably Japan’s strongest Rashid player.

BlazBlue Centralfiction In the first of three tournaments for Beautifuldude at EVO Japan, BlazBlue Centralfiction pools began on day one of the event. Getting off to a great start, he qualified out of his pool on winner’s side after a fantastic 2-1 victory over Tsujikawa. Immediately following pool play, Beautifuldude was met with another challenge as he faced Cyclops Osaka | Fenritti. In a hard-fought battle, Beautifuldude lost 2-0 against Fenritti, dropping down to the loser’s bracket but still not out.

Bouncing back, Beautifuldude regained his focus and won his next two matches 2-0. Fighting his way to a top 32 qualifying match, he squared off against kitsune. Beautifuldude saw his BBCF run at EVO Japan end after another 2-0 loss, just shy of top 32.

With an overall 5-2 record and a 33rd place finish out of 595 players, Beautifuldude looks confident ready for even more competition as he prepares for day two.

Looking Ahead to Day Two

Though the first day of EVO Japan may be over, the competition is only just heating up. Day two of EVO Japan will see NL and Jeondding continue in Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition, while P. Ling, Jeondding, and Beautifuldude all get started in Tekken 7. Beautifuldude will also be returning for Guilty Gear Xrd REV 2.

Stay tuned for more EVO Japan action and streams from UYUtv, and watch for UYU players to get ready for the next battle!