EVO Japan Day Two Recap

Continuing on to day two of competition at EVO Japan, UYU was again ready for all of the action. NL and Jeondding both continued the SFV: AE tournament today, beginning from the winner’s side of top 64. Jeondding also began the Tekken 7 tournament, alongside Beautifuldude and P. Ling. Beautifuldude faced his first opponents in Guilty Gear Xrd REV 2 as well, rounding out a full schedule for the UYU roster. Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition

NL began EVO Japan day two for UYU, taking on AtlasBear | stormKUBO in his first top 64 match. Unfortunately, the set went in favor of stormKUBO after a 2-1 result sent NL to the loser’s bracket. NL kept his composure as he won his next two matches 2-0 and advanced to a top 32 qualifier.

Jeondding continued his SFV: AE run as well, taking on Ponos | moke in top 64. Despite a hard-fought battle, his opponent proved too much to handle as Jeondding lost 2-0 and headed to the loser’s side of the tournament. In his next match against Alien111, Jeondding tried his best but ultimately lost again 2-0 to finish his SFV: AE run with an impressive 5-2 record. Later on, NL found himself with an opportunity to avenge Jeondding as he took on Ponos | moke for a top 32 spot. Determined to push ahead in the tournament, NL claimed a 2-1 victory and moved on to face Jiewa. The next match again went in favor of NL, as another 2-1 win put him up against Kazunoko. In an intense mirror match between two of the world’s best Cammy players, NL put on a fantastic display of skill and courage as he fought on to the very last game of the set. With a clutch Cannon Spike to narrowly defeat Kazunoko’s final divekick attempt, NL escaped with a 2-1 victory and advanced to top 16.

Up against Capcom Cup champion Rise | MenaRD, NL looked to continue his road to top 8. Fighting their way to the last round of the final match, the two both searched for a way to win with the clock ticking down. Despite showing great composure until the end, NL lost the match 2-1 after running out of time in the round. NL finished his SFV: AE run in 13th place with an overall 10-2 record for the weekend.

Tekken 7

Moving on to his second tournament at EVO Japan, Jeondding began his Tekken 7 run by sweeping through his pool and qualifying for round 2 on the winner’s side. Following pool play, he took on ZEP and Nello in two more consecutive 2-0 matches, advancing to face COOASGames | Noroma in top 64. Up against Noroma, Jeondding prepared for quite a challenging set. Although winning one game of the match, Noroma came out on top as a 2-1 result sent Jeondding to the loser’s bracket.

Jeondding’s first opponent on loser’s side was European player Super Akouma. In his first elimination match, Jeondding stayed alive as he took a 2-1 victory to move on.

P. Ling joined Jeondding in the Tekken 7 tournament, also managing to qualify for the winner’s side of round 2 without losing a single game. Continuing his success into the second round, P. Ling defeated Joskii 2-0. His second match of round 2 ended up being more difficult, as P. Ling fell to NIGHTMARE | Yeonarang 2-0.

Bouncing back, P. Ling joined Jeondding in top 64 as he defeated Kingjae 2-0 in a rematch from pool play. Up next against Tetsuo, P. Ling came out victorious with another 2-0 and moved on to a match against Exeed | Ghirlanda. Though putting up a good fight against his European opponent, P. Ling ultimately fell 2-0 against Ghirlanda as he finished his EVO Japan run at 33rd place. In Jeondding’s next match, he went up against Ghirlanda to avenge his teammate P. Ling. While Ghirlanda kept him on his toes, Jeondding pulled away with a 2-1 victory. His next match pitted him against legendary Japanese player Nobi, both fighting for survival in the tournament. Jeondding gave it his all, but Nobi handed him his second loss as Jeondding was defeated 2-0. With a 7-2 record and a 17th place finish, Jeondding still proved yet again why he is one of the world’s top players.

Beautifuldude was also competing in Tekken 7 at EVO Japan with his teammates, though unfortunately was disqualified from the winner’s side of his pool due to his Guilty Gear tournament matches. Picking up where the bracket placed him on loser’s side, Beautifuldude jumped straight into the action by winning four straight 2-0 matches. Continuing into round 2, he claimed another victory before eventually falling to KEI, 2-0.

Beautifuldude finished this surprising Tekken 7 run with a 5-2 overall match record, showing that his progress is definitely paying off.

Guilty Gear Xrd REV 2

Beautifuldude prepared for the tough international competition of Guilty Gear Xrd REV 2 as the competition began on day two. Although losing his first match of pool play 2-0 and heading to the loser’s bracket early, he was not done with Guilty Gear just yet. Two opponent disqualifications put him closer to a chance at qualifying out of his pool on the loser’s side, but a tough set against Aotaku resulted in a close 2-1 loss, eliminating Beautifuldude from REV 2. Luckily, his Guilty Gear pool ending early meant that he still had time for Tekken, redeeming himself for the day and keeping him in the competition.

Beyond EVO Japan

With plenty of exciting matches and strong showings from all of UYU’s players, EVO Japan was a thrilling weekend full of fighting game action. Looking ahead, UYU is prepared for even more competition, more great content, and plenty of hype at upcoming events in 2018.