Brian F Joins the UYU SFV Roster

UYU is excited to announce that American Street Fighter star Brian_F will be joining the team in 2018. After a fantastic 2017, he made his worth as a competitive player clearer than ever, with standout performances throughout the year. With UYU, he aims to push his fighting game career to new heights. As one of the Street Fighter community’s nicest and most entertaining players, Brian_F is a perfect fit with the team. “UYU shares that vision of giving people more exposure, an inside look into the community, and bringing people together to play fighting games.” He joins fellow Street Fighter players Kami and NL on a roster of talented, charming competitors. So far, Brian_F is already happy to be with UYU. “I enjoy the open and relaxed atmosphere of the team. Everyone is enthusiastic to share the passion of the FGC with a larger audience and shares that common goal, which is great to see.” The team is glad to have such a positive new member of the family. Through his Twitch streams and YouTube content, Brian_F is always looking to grow the Street Fighter scene and share his love for fighting games. “Many people don't really get that inside look as to what the FGC is like. They miss that upset that happened early in pools, or the hype set in top 16 that was off-stream, and all the fun and community spirit that is just out of view of the stream station cameras. I'm excited to bring that world to a larger audience.”

After very impressive tournament results in 2017, Brian_F looks ahead to 2018 and the first competitive year for Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition. With lots of new tech and strategies to discover in AE, he is prepared to take on the challenge of a new version of SFV. “With AE being out, there are lots of new tactics and V-Trigger 2 shenanigans to learn and counter. I will be studying up to be ready and prepared for anything that might come my way.” For a world-class player like Brian_F, his Balrog gameplay will certainly be as threatening as ever in the new year. Joining UYU not only means that he can continue to grow his brand, but the team also opens up new opportunities for him to compete. “UYU will help me make that extra push to get out to the events I need to go to compete and climb the CPT ladder and to grow as a player. Getting out there is half the battle, then you just have to make it count when you can.” Brian_F has high hopes for 2018, as he will continue to prove why he is one of America’s strongest Street Fighter players. “My goals for the year are to get into Capcom Cup, place top 8 at 2 premiers instead of 1, grow my stream, and bring the fundamentals to the world.” With UYU’s full support behind him, Brian_F is ready for a thrilling year.