Behind the Scenes with KawaiiFaceMiles

Within the Tekken community, there are some individuals who stand out as role models for aspiring competitors and content creators alike. In late 2017, UYU welcomed Alisa player KawaiiFaceMiles to the Tekken roster, one of the scene’s most exciting new stars. As both a tournament player and Twitch streamer, Miles works hard every day on her journey to the top.

Rising Talent

KawaiiFaceMiles’ foray into the FGC began at EVO 2015. “After my first Evolution, I realized that I absolutely loved competing. Later on, I attended Kumite In Tennessee 2016 and started to go to different events so I could test my skills.” Since then, Miles has continued to grow and develop her Tekken prowess in tournaments across the nation. Never missing a chance to test herself, KawaiiFaceMiles stays motivated by playing against other competitive Tekken players whenever possible. “During every tournament, I try to stay aware of what I can study and practice against later because that inspires me to always be growing as a player. I see the level of progression that other players have and I want to match that because as a competitor, I want to push myself to be the best I can be.” With her positive mentality, she is always ready for the next battle.

In the Spotlight

Since the release of Tekken 7, Miles has grown her Twitch broadcast significantly. By early 2018, she had even managed to reach her goal of becoming a partnered Twitch streamer. “With the momentum that I have right now, I aim to grow as an even greater community member and provide others with great content.” Being one of the leading ladies of the Tekken scene, Miles is able to use her platform on social media to inspire others within the fighting game and Twitch communities. Now as a member of UYU, KawaiiFaceMiles feels more confident than ever in her future as a player and content creator. “It feels very rewarding to be with UYU; I’m glad to have such a great support system backing me. I feel refreshed and ready for a great 2018 with the team.” The Year Ahead Always looking forward, Miles aims to develop more than ever as both a player and community figure. "My goals for 2018 are to grow as a successful Twitch streamer, place top 8 consistently at tournaments, win a major event, and become an idol of the FGC!" Keep an eye out for KawaiiFaceMiles at NorCal Strongstyle, where she will be representing UYU in her first tournament of a very promising new year.