P. Ling and KawaiiFaceMiles Head to ELEAGUE

Following successful Street Fighter V and Injustice 2 tournaments, ELEAGUE announced a return to fighting games with the Tekken Team Takedown. Finally showcasing Tekken, this ELEAGUE event gathers twenty of America’s top players in Atlanta for a special team tournament. Among these competitors will be UYU’s own P. Ling and KawaiiFaceMiles, ready to represent the UYU family on national television. Making the Cut

Joining a strong group of American Tekken players, KawaiiFaceMiles and P. Ling both are excited to be on the ELEAGUE stage. “I’m really happy for the opportunity, and excited to see how it all goes,” said P. Ling. On one of competitive Tekken’s largest stages yet, Miles shares P. Ling’s sentiment in being invited to the event. “I’m honored to be going to ELEAGUE. I see it as one of the biggest steps forward in growing the Tekken community and the FGC as a whole.”

With a unique team format, the ELEAGUE Tekken Team Takedown will see squads of five formed through a draft system. KawaiiFaceMiles is interested in seeing how the event plays out, saying: “I’m very curious to see how everything flows, because it seems like a very entertaining take on our usual Tekken competition.”

America in the Spotlight

One of the key factors of ELEAGUE’s first Tekken event is that there will be no international players, instead focusing on America’s competitive talent. While some spectators may be disappointed in the lack of foreign players, P. Ling is optimistic about the event’s roster decisions. “I’m excited that they’re focusing on just the US scene. There’s a lot of events that go on for international competition, but it’s nice to see recognition going to the players within our region.”

Growing the Scene

Many people are excited about ELEAGUE’s decision to expand to Tekken because of the growth it could lead to for the Tekken community. Broadcasting on national television can put more eyes on competitive Tekken than ever, with some of America’s best at the forefront. “I’m excited to be a part of something very historical for Tekken,” said KawaiiFaceMiles. “Of course, it was huge when ELEAGUE expanded to Street Fighter, but people will see another big side of the FGC since a 3D fighting game will finally be on ELEAGUE.”

Experiencing ELEAGUE

Though being invited to ELEAGUE was just the first step for P. Ling and KawaiiFaceMiles, the two look ahead to what they can gain from this opportunity. “After all of the tournaments and competition we go through, it’s nice to see hard work paying off,” said P. Ling. “I love being in the FGC, and hope that this opportunity can help me turn this all into a career for myself.”

KawaiiFaceMiles also hopes to make the most out of her time at ELEAGUE. “When I got the invite, I really felt like this is my chance to prove myself and to build my career. I have a lot of goals, and ELEAGUE is a huge platform that can help me reach those. I’m ready for the competiton that awaits and can’t wait to see how the event goes.”

As the entire Tekken community awaits the arrival of the ELEAGUE Tekken Team Takedown, KawaiiFaceMiles and P. Ling will be hard at work in preparation for the event. Watch for the two as the UYU duo head to Atlanta for ELEAGUE on March 3rd!