UYU Welcomes Oil King

Following the start of the 2018 Capcom Pro Tour season, UYU is pleased to welcome Asian Street Fighter pro Oil King to the team’s roster. Aiming for a second consecutive appearance in the Capcom Cup, Oil King is prepared to take on global competition in this year’s CPT.

A New Beginning

“I’m excited to become part of UYU,” said Oil King. “This is a unique team that wants to make the FGC great, and I know we can make something special together.” Enthusiastic about joining the team, he looks forward to advancing his SFV career with UYU. “I’ve had great conversations with UYU so far, and I’m glad they’re supporting me in esports.”

Team Synergy

Oil King is happy to be joining such a diverse and talented fighting game roster. “UYU has a lot of great pro players. We have talent from Asia, USA, and Europe, and our players are all great with their characters. I can’t wait to practice with them so we can all make each other better.” Already feeling at home with his teammates, he is confident in the squad that UYU has formed.

The Path to Capcom Cup

Joining UYU means that Oil King will have even more opportunities to showcase his talent to the world. “This year I hope I can win a premier tournament, because last year I only won a ranking tournament on the CPT.” Planning to attend many premier events around the world, Oil King is ready to show why he is one of the world’s best. Along with competing, he would also like to expand on his position as a well-known community member in the FGC. “I would also like to do more things outside the game to make FGC better,” stated Oil King.

After an impressive 13th place finish at Final Round to take 14th place on the current CPT leaderboards, Oil King is joining UYU with the drive to climb even higher in rankings. Along with NL, Brian_F and Kami, UYU’s Street Fighter V roster will continue to strive for greatness this season. Watch for Oil King as he makes his debut for UYU at NorCal Regionals 2018!