UYU Showcases Strength at NCR & Anime Ascension

The 2018 tournament season is in full swing after UYU’s roster finished Final Round and Thaiger Uppercut this past March with multiple strong placements. Since March, UYU has welcomed new faces to the team including Qudans, Oil King, Cloud805 and Kizzie Kay. These four players joined teammates at both NorCal Regionals and Anime Ascension in California this past weekend. Fighting in Street Fighter, Tekken, BlazBlue, Marvel vs. Capcom, Guilty Gear, and Dragon Ball FighterZ, the UYU roster showed its strength last weekend with numerous top 8 placements and clutch plays.

Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite

The NorCal Regionals action kicked off on Friday for UYU with one of the team’s newest members, Cloud805, taking the stage for MVCI. Prepared for battle in two games at NCR, Cloud showed no signs of slowing down as he swept through his pool, culminating in a victory over HitBox | Punisher to make his way to the winner’s side of top 8.

After a day’s break, Cloud805 began his top 8 run on Sunday afternoon. Facing TA | Supernoon in winner’s semi-finals, Cloud found himself at a 0-2 deficit but fought his way back to tie the match, 2-2. Going down to the wire, Supernoon narrowly pushed ahead as Cloud was sent to the loser’s bracket after a 3-2 loss.

Staying focused, Cloud805 awaited Taekua, his first opponent on loser’s side. Taekua came prepared to fight the Battle for the Stones champion, defeating Cloud in a 3-0 set. Cloud805 finished his Marvel vs. Capcom run in 5th place at NCR.

Dragon Ball FighterZ

UYU players were ready for DBFZ competition at both NorCal Regionals and Anime Ascension, as Cloud805 and Kizzie Kay fought in their respective tournaments. Cloud began the DBFZ action at NCR by storming his way through pools, making it all the way to winner’s side of top 16 before being defeated by Ponos | moke 2-0 and beginning his loser’s bracket run.

Not out yet, Cloud805 regained composure as he eliminated Zero_Hour 2-0 and punched his ticket to his second NCR top 8. Again facing TA | Supernoon for the second time in the day, the battle again went in favor of Supernoon as Cloud fell 2-0 and finished at an impressive 7th place standing.

Kizzie Kay made his UYU debut at Anime Ascension this past weekend, competing in Dragon Ball FighterZ as well as Blazblue and Guilty Gear. Making his way to winner’s finals of his pool, he was stopped by Kudaytaa after a 2-0 loss sent him to the loser’s bracket.

Still fighting on, Kizzie made his way to top 16 after a 2-1 victory over Method | Flux. Taking down Migada 2-1 in his next match, Kizzie then squared off against Ninjaelephant for a chance to make top 8. Despite a great effort by Kizzie, he fell 2-0 and claimed a 9th place finish at Anime Ascension for DBFZ.

BlazBlue Centralfiction

Kizzie Kay also entered the BlazBlue Centralfiction tournament at Anime Ascension, alongside teammate Beautifuldude. As the duo played through their pools on Saturday afternoon, Kizzie claimed a spot in the winner’s side of top 16 by defeating Jiv Daley 2-0, and Beautifuldude joined him with a 2-0 win over Cmsora to advance.

Beginning his top 16 run, Kizzie Kay fought Betadood for a chance to secure a top 8 finish. Going down 2-0, Kizzie was sent to the loser’s bracket where he would next face Taihenna. After another 2-0 loss, Kizzie Kay finished his BlazBlue run in 9th place.

For Beautifuldude, top 16 began against Panda Global | SKD. Pushing the match to game 3, Beautifuldude fought hard but fell 2-1. Bouncing back, he took his next set 2-0 over Serpent to qualify for top 8 on the loser’s side.

In his first match of top 8, Beautifuldude quickly took down Nano with a 2-0 victory. Looking to avenge Kizzie Kay, Beautifuldude moved on to face Betadood in loser’s quarter-finals. This match again went in favor of Betadood, with Beautifuldude finishing in 5th place at Anime Ascension.

Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition

As the second premier event on the Capcom Pro Tour, NorCal Regionals gathered some of the world’s best SFV players, including the entire UYU SF roster. After the three-man team of Brian_F, Kami and Oil King took second place in the 3v3 tournament on Friday, UYU was ready for more CPT action on Saturday.

Up first for UYU was Kami, who began his tournament against Pavocado. Unfortunately, an early loss sent him to the loser’s bracket of a stacked pool, where he bounced back by defeating Killer Miller to progress. His next match against EG | NyChrisG proved to be too tough to handle as Kami’s tournament run ended early on Saturday.

Following Kami, Brian_F began his tournament in yet another pool packed with talent. Defeating Jawn Haley and 801 Strider in back-to-back 2-0 sweeps pushed Brian into winner’s semi-finals of his pool, where he fell to Atlas Bear | stormKUBO 2-0. In loser’s side, Brian sprung back into action with another 2-0 over Jawn Haley before being eliminated by Jiewa. Brian_F finished his NCR run in 49th place.

Jeondding took on two games at NorCal Regionals, deciding to enter Street Fighter V alongside Tekken 7. Although losing his first match to Higashi, he was ready to take on the loser’s bracket as he took down SlavicGold and Delusion in consecutive 2-0 victories. His run was ended by Ludovic, who eliminated him 2-0.

NL was next up for UYU, tearing through the competition and making his way to winner’s finals of his pool before falling to CYG BST | GamerBee. Pushing forward, NL defeated Flash a second time to qualify out of pools and move on to face Dankadillas, who he defeated 2-0. Running into his new teammate Oil King, NL’s tournament ended as a team-kill sent him out of NCR at 17th place.

As UYU’s newest Street Fighter player, Oil King looked to make a splash at NorCal Regionals. Seemingly unstoppable, he tore his way through pools, culminating in a dominant victory over Echo Fox | Momochi. His first match outside of pool play pitted him against another daunting opponent, as CYG BST | Daigo claimed a 2-1 win and sent Oil King to face NL in loser’s side. After a 2-0 team-kill over NL, Oil King moved on to face stormKUBO. Despite a hard-fought run, a 2-0 loss ended Oil King’s NCR tournament at 13th place.

Tekken 7

As the first Challenger-tier event for America in the Tekken World Tour, UYU had a very impressive Tekken showing at NorCal Regionals. P. Ling, Jeondding and Qudans all showed up prepared for battle in an effort to fight for ranking points on the TWT.

First up for UYU, P. Ling started pool play with a quick 2-0 over Safe. Running into trouble early, his next match against Suiken ended in a 2-0 loss that sent him to the loser’s bracket. Refocusing, P. Ling pushed on and defeated WayGamble 2-0 to qualify out of his pool. His next match saw him up against Rickstah yet again, a rematch from Strongstyle.

Winning 2-0, P. Ling advanced to face MYK, culminating in another 2-0 to qualify for top 8. Up against Circa | Joey Fury, P. Ling’s run at NCR concluded after another loss resulted in a 7th place finish.

UYU’s next Tekken player up was Jeondding, swiftly qualifying out of his pool on winner’s side after a 2-0 victory over Rip set him up for a battle against PG | Speedkicks. With another 2-0 win, Jeondding quickly locked in his spot for a top 8 appearance.

Reigning TWT champion Qudans made his first appearance for UYU in America at NCR this past weekend, also quickly making his way through pools as a 2-0 win over ChaChaMaru landed him in top 16 to face MYK. Claiming another quick 2-0, Qudans met up with Jeondding in top 8 to see the UYU duo go head-to-head for a spot in winner’s finals.

Pulling no punches, the teammates fought hard to advance as Qudans ultimately won the close set 2-1 and sent Jeondding to loser’s side. Jeondding’s next match also proved to be a challenge as kkokkoma defeated him 2-0, ending Jeondding’s run in 5th place.

Although Jeondding was eliminated, Qudans looked to push onward for UYU as he took on Echo Fox | Saint in winner’s finals. The first rematch of last year’s Tekken World Tour grand finals went in favor of Saint this time, as a very close final round resulted in a 3-2 loss for Qudans. Still battling in loser’s side, Qudans returned to form with a clutch 3-2 win over kkokkoma to avenge Jeondding and move on to rematch Saint in grand finals.

In one of 2018’s most dramatic Tekken matches yet, Qudans took Saint to the final round of game five in the first grand finals set. Going down to the wire, Qudans nearly reset the bracket until Saint finally claimed another 3-2 win. Qudans finished his NCR with a very impressive 2nd place finish, further pushing him up the TWT rankings ladder.

Guilty Gear Xrd: Rev 2

As the final tournament of a long weekend for UYU, Beautifuldude and Kizzie Kay both competed in Guilty Gear Xrd: Rev 2 at Anime Ascension.

Beautifuldude’s Guilty Gear run started strong in pools, before a 2-0 loss to Kid Viper sent him to the loser’s side of the bracket where he defeated Kyoku236HS 2-0 to qualify for top 16. His next match pitted him against HellSap, who claimed victory over Beautifuldude and ended his run in 13th place at Anime Ascension.

Kizzie Kay also looked dominant in pools, taking down HellSap in winner’s finals of his pool bracket 2-0 to qualify for winner’s side of top 16. Up next, Kizzie Kay avenged Beautifuldude as a win over Kid Viper secured Kizzie’s spot in top 8. Defeating ZotBuster 2-0 pushed Kizzie into winner’s finals, where he took down BjornSonOfBear in a clutch 3-2 victory to advance into grand finals.

With a top 2 placing secured, Kizzie Kay went up against r/Kappa | Daru I-No in grand finals. Though working hard to retain momentum and control, Kizzie lost the first set 3-1 as Daru reset the grand finals bracket. Fighting on, Kizzie Kay won one game of the second set before Daru ultimately defeated him 3-1. Kizzie Kay finished his run in 2nd place for Guilty Gear, proving to be the strongest American player at Anime Ascension.


After a full weekend of competition, UYU shows no signs of slowing down as the year continues. Watch for UYU to be back in action shortly, as Qudans and Jeondding head to Beast Arena Hong Kong this weekend while Oil King continues his CPT season at Brussels Challenge.