UYU Makes History at Saigon Cup

In late April, the UYU squad of NL, Oil King and Jeondding arrived at Saigon Cup ready to take on Asia’s best Street Fighter players. At the two-day event in Saigon, Vietnam, UYU managed to produce landmark results, as the team finished with first place victories in both Tekken 7 and Street Fighter V. Tekken 7

Although not part of the Tekken World Tour, Jeondding competed at Saigon Cup in Tekken 7 against a group of both local and international talent. In the 17-man bracket, Jeondding tore through the competition, working his way to winner’s semi-finals to defeat Talon | HotDog29 2-0. In winner’s finals, Jeondding faced AtlasBear | Poongko, known by Tekken fans as one of the world’s strongest Akuma players, despite primarily competing in Street Fighter.

Taking down Poongko with a statement 3-0 victory, Jeondding awaited in grand finals to face off against HotDog29 once more. Giving Jeondding some trouble, his opponent won the first set 3-2, forcing a bracket reset in grand finals. Bouncing back from this, Jeondding took the lead over HotDog29 and eventually won 3-1, claiming his first Tekken 7 tournament victory as a member of UYU.

Street Fighter V

As a Capcom Pro Tour ranking event, CPT points were on the line for Asia’s finest fighters attending Saigon Cup.

Starting off with a 3-on-3 side tournament, Team UYU started their weekend in SFV with a strong performance, making their way to winner’s finals to face Team AtlasBear. Although losing this match 3-1, UYU came back with a 3-0 sweep over GamerBee, Marn and Humanbomb to advance into grand finals. In a rematch against Team AtlasBear, UYU fought hard but finished in second place after another 3-1 match.

This second-place victory in the team tournament motivated UYU’s Street Fighter players at Saigon Cup, as the trio showed up ready for battle in the singles bracket.

Jeondding began his SFV run with an impressive 2-0 performance defeating FightClub | XiaoHui, but found himself in a tough spot as a loss to gachikun sent him to the loser’s bracket 2-0. Jeondding responded with a second 2-0 win, eliminating Longkhac and moving on to face Fudoh | Haitani. Though proving to have great potential with his Cammy, Jeondding’s run ultimately ended as Haitani eliminated him 2-1. With a 2-2 record, Jeondding finished in 25th place.

Continuing the action for UYU, Oil King stepped up to face his challengers at Saigon Cup. After a player disqualification pushed Oil King into winner’s semi-finals of his pool, he started his day off on a great note with a 2-0 victory over AtlasBear | Gunfight. Facing Razer | Xian next, Oil King missed the first chance to make top 16 as he fell 2-0. Moving into the loser’s bracket, his next opponent was BBYONGBBYONG. Unfortunately, another 2-0 loss ended Oil King’s run at Saigon Cup in 17th place.

As the final player for UYU at Saigon Cup, NL was focused and ready to compete. With two consecutive 2-0 victories over Sang Kalaza and Amoni, NL was pitted against Red Bull | Bonchan for a spot in the winner’s bracket of top 16. A standout 2-0 win over Bonchan advanced NL to face Talon | HotDog29, who he took down 2-0 to qualify for top 8.

Raising the Trophy

NL began his top 8 run in dramatic fashion, defeating DNG | Itabashi Zangief in a close 3-2 set. Making his way into winner’s finals, NL looked confident as he took down CYG BST | Fuudo 3-1, claiming a spot in grand finals. As Fuudo worked his way through the loser’s bracket and into a grand finals rematch, NL stood his ground as he claimed a 3-2 victory.


With his first place result at Saigon Cup, NL made history for both himself and UYU as he claimed UYU’s first Capcom Pro Tour victory, while also winning his first Street Fighter V championship trophy. This landmark weekend showcased the talent of the UYU roster, with plenty more to come as the 2018 season progresses.