UYU Rises to the Challenge at TWT Korea Masters

In the competitive Tekken scene, few regions are as well-known for their raw strength and talent as the Korean community. On April 28th & 29th, many of the world’s best fighters made their way to Seoul to prove their worth in the Tekken World Tour Korea Masters tournament, a master-tier event filled with elite players. UYU showed up trained and ready after a long period of dedicated practice for the event, as P. Ling, Jeondding and Qudans aimed to show their skills to the world. Jeondding

UYU kicked off the tournament action early, with Jeondding standing out as one of the top players of pool #1. In his first match, Jeondding started off strong with a 2-0 win over Multi, setting himself up for a solid run in pool play. Moving on, he also took down Special Week, again in 2-0 fashion. Jeondding’s first threat in Korea Masters came from Minarisoda in winner’s semi-finals, sending Jeondding to the loser’s bracket 2-0.

Still in the tournament, Jeondding recovered as he eliminated STJ 2-1 and faced PBE | Doujin in loser’s semi-finals. One of the other big names to watch for in pool #1, Doujin proved too much to handle this time as Jeondding fell 2-0, resulting in a 25th place finish

P. Ling

Following Jeondding’s performance at Korea Masters, P. Ling and Qudans together fought their way through pool #5. In his first match of the event, P. Ling began to show his practice paying off as he defeated SnowBall | Hamoonrang 2-0.

The following match attracted many eyes, as P. Ling took on eyemusician, a player known for his wild Yoshimitsu strategies. As seen on the UYUtv IRL stream, P. Ling overcame the oddities of his opponent as a 2-0 victory pitted him next up against CherryBerryMango in winner’s semi-finals of the pool.

Though working hard to stay in the match, P. Ling lost 2-0 to the fearsome Jin player, falling to the loser’s bracket. Fighting on, he was matched up against TwitchTV | MaCRoya, a Korean Hwoarang player. Despite a hard-fought set, MaCRoya ultimately moved on as P. Ling was eliminated at 33rd place. The tournament and practice beforehand allowed him to test his skills against Asia’s best, showing solid results despite formidable competition.


On the other side of pool #5, Qudans joined P. Ling with a determination to take down the group’s competition. His day began with a swift 2-0 win over GGE, advancing to face Namjuju and claim a second consecutive 2-0. Already at winner’s finals of the pool, Qudans fought Coffee Prinz, taking this set 2-1 and finding himself in a position to avenge P. Ling as he faced CherryBerryMango.

Qudans was unfazed by his challenger, taking revenge for his defeated teammate with another 2-0 victory. Sealing a spot in top 16, Qudans was set for a match against kkokkoma, a player with plenty of momentum on his side at Korea Masters. Qudans could not find a way to overcome this daunting opponent, as kkokkoma sent him to the loser’s bracket 2-0.

Having another chance in the loser’s side, Qudans found himself in a rematch of the NorCal Regionals grand finals against Echo Fox | Saint. This set again went in favor of Saint, as Qudans’ run at TWT Korea Masters ended in an impressive 9th place.


While this tournament was primarily a showcase of the Asia region’s talent, fans can look forward to a season of exciting matches from the UYU Tekken team as they continue to compete against the best the world has to offer. Along with video content from UYU’s week in Korea, stay tuned to see UYU’s Tekken talent in action throughout the entire year.