Kizzie Kay & Cloud805 opt in for the Summit of Power

As the first year of competitive Dragon Ball FighterZ progresses, many fans of the game are speculating about how the tournament scene will grow. With exciting early tournaments like Final Round and consistently entertaining weekly events such as Wednesday Night Fights and Next Level Battle Circuit, the game is already showing its potential. In early March, Beyond the Summit announced their first invitational event for DBFZ: the Summit of Power. From June 9-10, eight invited players, three qualifiers, and five fan-voted players will attend this special event to showcase their skills in a unique environment. Beyond the Summit has a rich history within communities such as Dota 2 and Smash Bros., with tournaments that highlight the vibrant personalities of top-level players and fan favorites alike.

Nomination begins

As the DBFZ Summit of Power nomination phase began April 30th, competitors who opted in will have one week to crack into the top 20 nominated names, which will advance to an intense voting phase that chooses the final five players invited.

UYU's FighterZ

UYU’s Kizzie Kay and Cloud805 both have opted in for the nomination phase of the Summit of Power, and want fans to help them along their path into the voting phase and beyond. These two players have been practicing continuously since release of DBFZ, and their tournament performances show their impressive growth.

Kizzie Kay, a well-known competitive player in the anime fighting game community, aims to reach the Summit and show off his expertise with characters like Trunks and Adult Gohan. With multiple top 8 results at Wednesday Night Fights and a strong showing at Anime Ascension finishing in 9th place, Kizzie’s talent and personality would both shine at the Summit of Power.

Cloud805, the reigning Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite champion, has proven since DBFZ’s release that he can adapt to a new game and dominate the competition. His Kid Buu and Goku Black are always characters to watch for in tournament, as he has shown at events like NorCal Regionals, finishing in 7th place amongst the world’s strongest players. Known for his ability to play in the clutch, Cloud aims to reach the Summit of Power so he can show his own flavor of DBFZ to the world.

Reaching the Summit

The nomination phase will run until May 7th, when the voting phase for the top 20 players begins. Fans can help by making a nomination tweet for opted-in players, with a maximum of one tweet per account. UYU is counting on fans to help by nominating Kizzie Kay here, or Cloud805 here.

The first year of Dragon Ball FighterZ has proven to be exciting, and spectators around the globe will be tuning into events like the Summit of Power to catch all of the DBFZ action.