Cloud805: The X Factor of DBFZ

For years, fighting game crowds have flocked to the Marvel vs. Capcom series to see players put their names on the map. Amongst the strongest competitors in Marvel vs. Capcom 3, one name stood out above the rest, known for his devilish Dante and stylish comebacks. As one of America’s greatest team fighting game players, Cloud805 strives to always show why he is a world-class competitor, especially now as he breaks into the realm of Dragon Ball FighterZ. When's Marvel?

As the curtain fell for the FGC titan known as Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Cloud805 joined many top-level players in the migration to the franchise’s next title, Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite. Proving to be one of the finest MVCI players around the globe, Cloud805’s year in 2017 culminated in a championship run at Capcom’s Battle For The Stones finals. Taking home the Infinity Gauntlet meant more than just a win for Cloud, though.

“It was completely surreal. I had always finished in second place at the bigger tournaments, and to finally take home a huge W and the greatest trophy of them all was unreal. And carrying around Tasty Steve was just a bonus!”

Throughout the year, Cloud805 noticed significant changes in how he approached fighting games. Highlighting better patience and deeper thinking in his strategizing, he was able to morph his game plan into championship-caliber material. Winning Battle For The Stones further motivated Cloud to improve, as he states: “I can see the spark that it gives to those competitors that win majors which others lack. It's a whole new type of hunger that you develop.”

Cloud805 has carried on this hunger to be the best into a new journey, preparing for all of the challenges in his next competitive game.

Training for Dragon Ball FighterZ

Early into 2018, Arc System Works provided the FGC with a fresh, new team fighting game: Dragon Ball FighterZ. Immediately growing a huge following, the title has gathered players from every corner of the community, including several of the MVC scene’s top competitors. Picking up the game for himself, Cloud805 said: “It felt refreshing as it was a differently designed game compared to what I was used to. Knowing that I have a chance to compete and beat players from completely different communities just makes me want to compete even more than I do already.”

Showing promising results in the game early on, Cloud is already standing out as a premier player for DBFZ. With a current team of Kid Buu, Adult Gohan & Goku Black, those same clutch skills from Marvel vs. Capcom are carrying over into this new territory. Looking at the current skill level of players globally, Cloud knows that the game still has plenty of room for exploration.

“Right now, the current top players I believe are going to stay consistent; they just understand the game on a different level than the masses in the community. I see the meta evolving into people becoming optimal on every touch. Right now as it stands, so much damage is being left on the table and the setups that follow aren't as tight as they will be towards the end of the year.”

Mentioning top players in the game currently, Cloud805 is glad that the game has such a large international following. “I love the fact that international players are taking this game serious. It’s something I never really got to see in the MVC series, so I'm excited that I'm able to play them. This game, in my opinion, will be THE game to play.”

Preparing for 2018

As the first year of competitive Dragon Ball FighterZ, Cloud is already gearing up to show the world that he will be a dominant force in the tournament scene. “I want people to see me in a bracket and say "Dang, it’s going to be Cloud vs. someone in winners/grand finals." Ready to make that impact, he practices hard each day, through both online sets and offline weekly tournaments.


Cloud805’s raw talent and hunger to win will help him on his DBFZ path, as he sets out to be the world’s greatest. Watch for him representing UYU at tournaments throughout the year, and remember to vote for Cloud at the DBFZ Summit of Power!