Kizzie Kay talks Anime, DBFZ, and the Summit of Power

In today’s FGC landscape, competitive scenes for numerous titles are constantly growing. For anime fighting games such as Guilty Gear or Dragon Ball FighterZ, as well as a wide variety of others, these communities are having more exposure than ever. Large tournaments like Evolution and Combo Breaker, as well as nationwide events such as Red Bull Conquest, give anime players a better chance to reach the spotlight than ever before. As a well-respected player in the anime FGC, UYU’s Kizzie Kay shared his thoughts on the current state of the community. Growth in the AFGC

Making a name for himself in Guilty Gear and BlazBlue competition, Kizzie Kay was primarily drawn to the sub-genre for reasons that make anime fighters quite unique compared to other games. “What attracted me was the artwork and the freedom the games have. I think it make games very intriguing when you’re able to move so freely,” he said. Working his way to the top level of American competition, Kizzie Kay now has opportunities to showcase his talent in these titles, due to a larger tournament presence for the games than ever.

With players like Kizzie Kay leading the way for the anime fighting game scene to flourish, the attendees lists at events grow longer and longer. According to Kizzie: “I think the size is well fit. Now Dragon Ball is bringing great hits and it's very consistent, so it's very good.” With the rise of Dragon Ball FighterZ as a premier competitive title within the AFGC, the talented players within the community can show their fighting game skills to an even bigger audience than before. In turn, the exposure that a game like DBFZ could give to tournament players can also benefit other titles in the anime scene.

Evolving the Scene

As Dragon Ball FighterZ continues its huge success, the competition has yet to die down for other anime fighting games. Guilty Gear and BlazBlue tournaments are still consistently bringing out intense battles between players like UYU’s Kizzie Kay and Beautifuldude, and even smaller titles such as Under Night In-Birth Exe: Late[st] have a growing presence at major events.

With the upcoming release of BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle, Kizzie is expecting this trend of anime fighters gaining interest to keep going throughout 2018. “For BBTAG, the mechanics are very easy to understand and looks very flashy, so I think players will most likely have the confidence to enter since it seems easy to grasp.” With the title already securing its place at Evolution 2018, it is clear that anime fighting games are becoming more popular in the eyes of common spectators than the community has ever seen.

The Rise of Dragon Ball

Given DBFZ’s immense popularity, players around the world are embracing the game on multiple competitive levels. Whether it is at a local event or a major national tournament, the new anime fighter is welcoming plenty of fresh faces to the AFGC. As a competitor and community member himself, Kizzie Kay is glad to see such a big splash made in the scene. “The international exposure of the game is great, but I’m also very happy to see how big the U.S competition has grown. I’m really liking the competition both national and international. Both are huge.”

Gaining spectator interest at a steady pace, Kizzie foresees a bright future for DBFZ in the fighting game scene as a whole. “If done correctly, it could be the biggest fighting game right now. But currently, I’d say it’s right under Street Fighter V.” With how close in spectator numbers some fighting games currently are, it is a refreshing new look to see an anime title be in such a position. The game’s potential to elevate the anime FGC can be even further explored, with events like the Summit of Power bringing together the world’s top players in a casual setting.

“In my opinion, the Summit of Power is really good for both the players and viewers. You get to see a full taste of different players from every other scene, as well as different personalities. As for myself, I would be able to play great players with my style, so I'm looking forward to fighting my way into the Summit.”


As Kizzie Kay works for a spot in the Summit, fans can watch him take on the competition at Combo Breaker in the last chance qualifier. Preparing for the rest of the competitive year, Kizzie looks forward to representing UYU at future tournaments as he continues to show the world what makes anime fighting games such a unique, exciting part of the FGC.