UYU Places High at Stunfest & Battle Arena Melbourne

This past weekend, UYU’s Street Fighter and Tekken squads geared up for competition in both Europe and Australia. With both Capcom Pro Tour and Tekken World Tour points up for grabs, the team left their mark in both regions. Battle Arena Melbourne 10

Jeondding & Qudans headed to Melbourne, Australia over the weekend for one of the country’s largest annual Tekken tournaments. As a master-tier TWT event, UYU’s Korean duo looked to secure more ranking points and continue on the path to the finals.

Qudans began his BAM 10 run fully prepared, as he took down Rotuma 2-0 in his first match of pools. Up next, he faced iNf | -delirious-, resulting in another 2-0. Already making his way to the winner’s finals of his pool, Qudans’ match against ON | Colonov ended in another 2-0 sweep, putting Qudans into top 32.

His first big challenge in the bracket was against Yamasa | Nobi in top 32, a set that went in favor of Nobi 2-0 and sent Qudans to the loser’s bracket. Fighting on, Qudans’ next opponent was Lee Min Ho. Although Qudans kept it close and pushed the match to a final round of game 3, Lee Min Ho ultimately came out on top and ended Qudans’ run at 17th place.

For Jeondding, his pool matches went just as well as his teammate’s. Three quick 2-0 wins over Antman, ZEP, and finally BoX in winner’s finals granted Jeondding a spot in top 32 as well. With no signs of weakness, his fantastic run continued, taking down Fursan | LowHigh 2-0. With a top 8 spot on the line, Jeondding met Echo Fox | Saint in the bracket next. Unable to take down Saint, Jeondding dropped to the loser’s bracket after a 2-1 set.

Not finished yet, Jeondding came back with a 2-0 win over Chand NY | Kanga to qualify for top 8. Taking on kkokkoma next, his loser’s side run continued with another dominant 2-0 result, moving on to face Dimeback. After a close set against the Korean Asuka player went in Jeondding’s favor 2-1, he found himself in position to avenge Qudans as he faced Nobi in loser’s semi-finals. Another exciting match resulted in a clutch 2-1 victory for Jeondding, moving on into loser’s finals and a guaranteed top 3 finish.

Once in loser’s finals, Jeondding prepared for a rematch against Echo Fox | Saint. In this best-of-five set, Jeondding fought to the end but eventually fell again to Saint, 3-2. He ended his run in Melbourne at 3rd place, further solidifying his high ranking spot on the Tekken World Tour.

Stunfest 2018

Transitioning over to Europe, Oil King & NL headed to Rennes, France for Stunfest. A premier event on the Capcom Pro Tour, many of the best Street Fighter players across the globe gathered for a huge 263-player tournament.

NL’s journey at Stunfest began strong, as he took down SSD | Mamz and NV | CONFZ in two straight 2-0 matches. Moving into winner’s finals of his pool, he took on Ares RB | Luffy. Pushing the set to the final game, NL came out on top 2-1 and advanced to top 32.

In his first top 32 set, NL took on Atlas Bear | stormKUBO, a rematch of their set at Final Round. Again going in NL’s favor, he won 2-1 and faced Fnatic | Akainu next. The French player handed NL his first match loss at Stunfest, sending him to the loser’s bracket 2-1. NL bounced back by beating Nordavind | SaltyKid 2-1, securing a top 8 spot.

Fighting next against Fudoh | Haitani, NL won the set with a clutch 3-2 victory. His next opponent, CYG BST | Daigo, put an end to NL’s Stunfest run with a very close 3-2 result. NL finished the tournament at 5th place.

Oil King continued UYU’s run at Stunfest, beginning his pool matches with a 2-0 win over StrtFighterSteve. In his next match, he took down Fudoh | Johnny 2-1 to move into winner’s finals of his pool. With another 2-0 victory, Oil King defeated ponos | moke and qualified for top 32.

Up against DNG | Tachikawa, Oil King pressed onward with a 2-0 win and advanced into a match against Fudoh | Haitani. Sending Haitani to the loser’s bracket 2-1, Oil King claimed a spot in the winner’s side of top 8.

The first match of top 8 for Oil King saw him matched up against Fnatic | Akainu, where Oil King seeked revenge for NL’s first loss. Looking solid as ever, Oil King swept Akainu with a quick 3-0, moving into winner’s finals to take on PG | Infiltration. Having already secured a top 3 finish, Oil King fought hard throughout the set but narrowly lost 3-2. He awaited his next opponent in loser’s finals.

Fighting in his first elimination match of the event, Oil King squared off against Fudoh | Fujimura. Again taking his opponent all the way to the last game of a best-of-five set, Oil King just barely missed his chance to move on to grand finals as he ended his Stunfest run in 3rd place.


As this past weekend comes to a close, many of UYU’s players will gear up for Combo Breaker 2018, both a premier event on the CPT and a master event on the TWT. As one of the largest tournaments of the year, Combo Breaker should prove to be an exciting tournament for fans of all fighting games.