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As the Tekken World Tour is in full swing, talented players from around the world continue to travel globally for international competition. Earlier in March, just before the start of the TWT season, an event known as Kemonomichi 2 highlighted the return of Japan’s strongest female Tekken player, YUYU. Making big waves in the scene after her exciting first-to-ten win over Tanukana, YUYU has decided to join UYU’s roster as the team’s first professional Japanese player. With the translation help of SD, UYU’s Asia manager, YUYU shared some details about her background in Tekken and her feelings on joining the team.


  • 鉄拳をいつから初めて、プレイヤーとして成長するための動機は何ですか?

YUYU: たくさんプレイを始めたのはDRからです。 格闘ゲームは対人で対戦がメイン。しかしスポーツのように練習することで上達していくのがわかるのが楽しい。それは良い対戦にもつながります。


“I started playing a lot in Tekken 5: DR, mainly against other players,” YUYU said. “Similar to sports, I found out that through practice and improvement, the game started to become interesting. This eventually leads to people being able to play good matches.”

By training and competing with Japan’s top-level players, YUYU became one of the best in her country. Despite not traveling internationally to play Tekken 7, one event placed YUYU in the Tekken spotlight. Daigo Umehara’s Kemonomichi series introduced many new spectators to YUYU, making fans of a worldwide audience that tuned in for the Xiaoyu action.


  • 現在プロ選手になったきっかけは何ですか?


YUYU: 3/10に日本で開催された梅原大吾さん主催のイベント【獣道弐】がきっかけです。 悩みましたが、獣道弐でのわたしのプレイを見て 「まだ続けてほしい、ゆうゆうの鉄拳が見たい」と大勢の方が言ってくれているのを知りました。それでプロになることを決めました。


“The biggest factor in going pro was Daigo Umehara's event, "Kemonomichi" that was held on March 10th. I worried about it, but I found out that a lot of the people that watched the event said "We want YUYU to continue playing,” she stated. “"We want to see YUYU's Tekken". I decided then, to become a pro player.”

Joining UYU means that YUYU will become the first player on the roster from Japan. With teammates from America, Europe and Asia, she has the full support of UYU’s talented competitors around the world.


  • チームに加入して、競うするためにどんなモチベーションがでますか?


YUYU: UYUは国際的で、いろいろなゲームのプレイヤーが集まっています。仲間の良いプレイを見て自分もモチベーションを高めていきたいしチームの力になりたいと思います。


“UYU is international, and there are a lot of different players in this team. By watching my other team members play well, I would like to become highly motivated and lend my strength to them too.”

Making her debut as a UYU player at Combo Breaker, she will be joining many of her teammates in one of the largest major tournaments of the year.


  • Combo BreakerはUYU選手として初大会になりますが、感想教えて下さい。


YUYU: アメリカの選手との試合は、ほぼ初めてです。グッドゲームをしたいです。 combobreakerでも、可能ならバナナを食べたいw UYUの日本代表、鉄拳部門の日本代表として注目してもらえたら嬉しい。 わたしのシャオユウがアメリカに通じるのかドキドキします!


“This is mostly a new experience for me to play versus American and foreign players,” she said. “I want to play a good game. If possible, I would like to continue my habit of eating bananas in Combo Breaker too, haha!”

“I would be happy if I could gain attention as UYU's Japanese Tekken representative. Though I'm not sure if my Xiaoyu will be effective versus the American play style, I'm excited to participate in this tournament!”

As the only Tekken player traveling to Combo Breaker from Japan, YUYU is ready to see what it is like to go across the globe to compete.


  • 鉄拳のために国際旅行する事についてどう思いますか?


YUYU: これまで国際旅行の経験は1回だけでわからないことばかりです。 英語や文化など新しい発見や経験が自分を成長させてくれると思っています。


“Until now, I have only traveled abroad once so I am not so sure. I found out that learning English, about other cultures, and discovering new things all become good learning experiences that lead me to grow and become a better person.”

Having the opportunity to travel now as a professional player for UYU, she is proud to join such a welcoming team of global talent.


  • プロ選手としてこれからの競争的な目標は何ですか?

YUYU: わたしがUYUにいることで、ゲームは 【性別】 【人種】 【職業】 関係なく世界中のたくさんの人達が楽しめる素晴らしいものです、と伝えたいです。


“By being in UYU, I believe that people should not discriminate by gender, race, and profession. I would like to show to many people around the world that gaming is a truly enjoyable form of entertainment.“

With her positive outlook and spectacular Tekken skills, YUYU will prepare for Combo Breaker as the newest member of UYU. The team looks forward to seeing her compete at a high level amongst the world’s greatest players.