Combo Breaker 2018: A Championship Weekend

As late May approached, thousands of fighting game players prepared to gather in St. Charles, Illinois for one of the world’s largest tournaments, Combo Breaker 2018. Much of the UYU roster was in attendance for the event, competing for a spot on the big stage and a chance to crown themselves as champions. BlazBlue: Centralfiction

Combo Breaker 2018 began for UYU with anime action on Friday, as Kizzie Kay started competition in his pool. Fighting his way to winner’s semi-finals of the group before being sent to the loser’s bracket by Woocash, Kizzie Kay then qualified for top 24 by taking down BasedTuxedoMask with a 2-0 win.

Beautifuldude joined his teammate in BlazBlue later on in the day but had some trouble starting off his pool as he was sent down to the loser’s bracket. Fighting on, Beautifuldude kept his composure but ultimately ended his BBCF run with a respectable 33rd place finish at a tournament full of hidden talent.

Kizzie Kay continued his BlazBlue run on Saturday in top 24 but ran into trouble as he fought brkrdave. Fighting for a top 16 spot, he was unable to overcome his opponent’s Arakune, as Kizzie Kay’s BBCF tournament ended in 17th place.

Guilty Gear Xrd: Rev 2

The UYU anime squad fought onward at Combo Breaker, playing in Guilty Gear Xrd pools early Saturday morning. Beautifuldude began his GG tournament run with three consecutive wins, quickly pushing himself into the winner’s finals of his pool. He then ran into Daru I-No, who many would consider the favorite to win the tournament. Not scared of the challenge, Beautifuldude went up against the Korean titan but was unable to overcome his opponent’s pressure. Despite this loss, Beautifuldude still qualified for top 48 at Combo Breaker and would continue his tournament run later on.

Kizzie Kay joined his teammate in GG pool play, also claiming three quick victories to push himself into his pool’s winner’s finals. Kizzie Kay had a bit of trouble in the winner’s final as well, as kayloud sent him to the loser’s side of the bracket. Despite this loss, Kizzie moved into top 48, where he would next face jiheishou awareness. Pushing his opponent to a game three, Kizzie Kay’s Guilty Gear tournament came to a close as a 2-1 loss eliminated him at 33rd place.

Also fighting in loser’s side of top 48, Beautifuldude had another shot in the event through the loser’s bracket. Going up against Sym, he fought hard with his tournament life on the line but also finished his Guilty Gear run in 33rd place, both very impressive placings at a tournament featuring hundreds of players.

Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite

Joining his anime teammates at Combo Breaker, Cloud805 played in the MVCI tournament at the event before his Dragon Ball run began. Claiming his first win against Nerfed2much before falling early on to Exg NE | Escalante, Cloud eventually qualified for top 24 by taking down SS | Sykilik in loser’s semi-finals of his pool.

For his first match of top 24, Cloud805 had to battle NB ADC | Dual Kevin. Cloud’s opponent proved to be too much to handle, as the eventual tournament champion took down Cloud 3-0. Cloud805’s Marvel run ended in 17th place, as he then shifted his focus to Dragon Ball FighterZ for the weekend.

Dragon Ball FighterZ

At the world’s largest DBFZ tournament so far, over 700 entrants gathered at Combo Breaker to fight for first place as well as the last chance spot for the Summit of Power. Cloud805, Kizzie Kay, and Brian_F were all prepared for the huge event, as the three began pool play on Friday.

Brian_F took part in the Dragon Ball tournament before beginning SFV action at Combo Breaker. Opening up with a quick 2-0 over FadeGrips | Random1s, Brian moved on to face Shogun, who sent him to the loser’s side early. Recovering from this, Brian_F then eliminated both SuperKawaiiUguu and AutoMattock to progress into phase 2 of pools.

In phase 2, Brian_F still looked comfortable in DBFZ as he claimed yet another victory, defeating Shakugan and pressing forward. Eventually, Brian ran into trouble again as PSYKENonTWITCH eliminated him at 97th place.

Kizzie Kay’s tournament began with two quick 2-0 victories over Manimal and StrawHat_Mod, moving him into winner’s finals against Kyoku236HS. This next match for Kizzie gave him his first big challenge of the DBFZ bracket, as he fell 2-1 but continued into the loser’s side of phase 2 brackets.

Refocusing, Kizzie came back with a solid 2-0 win over D’Nyc3. Kizzie Kay’s next two matches also went his way, moving him into a match to qualify for top 48. In the end, Van Nguyen took down Kizzie Kay, ending his DBFZ run at 49th place.

Cloud805 was the final UYU member to step up for Dragon Ball at Combo Breaker, tearing through his pool and quickly moving into phase 2 on the winner’s side. Sending Van Nguyen into the loser’s bracket, Cloud advanced to a top 48 qualifying match, where he again met NRG | Supernoon. This very close set went down to the wire, but Supernoon came out on top with a 2-1 win, sending Cloud into the loser’s side of top 48.

Cloud’s tournament continued in the loser’s bracket, where he took three consecutive victories over Des!, A F0xy Grampa, and PAG | Grover. This set Cloud up for one of the most exciting matches at Combo Breaker, as he was pitted against TSM | Leffen in an elimination match. Fighting hard, Cloud805 defeated Leffen with a clutch 2-1 win. This moved him into a top 8 qualifying match, where he took on CAG | Fenritti. This match eventually ended Cloud’s Combo Breaker run, as a close 2-1 set eliminated him at ninth place out of 752 entrants.

Tekken 7

The UYU Tekken squad at Combo Breaker came ready to fight, with YUYU joining the team’s roster at her very first major tournament in America. In the large bracket of 488 attendees, UYU was determined to rise up against the competition.

Beautifuldude took on his Tekken pool first at Combo Breaker 2018, making his way into winner’s semi-finals of his pool before Komanda defeated him 2-0. Regaining composure, he continued in the loser’s bracket of his pool, making it all the way to loser’s semi-finals until Velocity | Spero Gin eliminated him at 97th place, just shy of phase 2.

Up next for UYU, the Tekken audience finally witnessed the arrival of YUYU as the team’s newest member. Showcasing her talents as one of Japan’s greatest players, she swiftly defeated three opponents straight, moving into winner’s finals of her pool.

Fighting hard against Rick_Tha_Rular, YUYU showed her ability to stay composed even in the most intense matches. Despite her opponent ultimately taking the win, YUYU continued on in the bracket as she secured a spot in phase 2 at Combo Breaker.

YUYU’s next match came up against Jackie Tran, a veteran Jack player from the United States. YUYU fought hard to the very end of the match, but Jackie Tran defeated UYU’s newest member as YUYU finished in 65th place.

After YUYU, the Xiaoyu showcase continued for UYU once P. Ling began his Combo Breaker pools. With two quick wins, P. Ling pushed himself into winner’s finals against Mazen. Despite some early trouble in the match, P. Ling clutched out a 2-1 victory, securing a spot in winner’s side of phase 2.

P. Ling continued his Combo Breaker run by defeating Mateo in phase 2, moving on to face Echo Fox | Saint. This last match before top 24 saw Saint come out on top, but P. Ling was not finished yet. Pressing on into top 24, he fought kkokkoma in a top 16 qualifier, ending P. Ling’s run at Combo Breaker in 17th place after a 2-0 loss.

Up next, KawaiiFaceMiles faced her first opponents of Combo Breaker in pool play on Saturday. With three convincing wins, she worked up to a winner’s finals match against PG | Speedkicks, a rematch from ELEAGUE. Her opponent’s surprising Dragunov pick provided quite a challenge, as Miles fell 2-0 but continued on into the loser’s side of phase 2.

Still in the tournament, KawaiiFaceMiles won her first match of phase 2 over SomeDumbSkeez-6b-, 2-1. She advanced to face Fab_Will, whose eccentric Law play put an end to Miles’ Combo Breaker run in 49th place.

Next for UYU, qudans returned to the big stage at an American major event. Making quick work of his pool opponents, qudans defeated jimmypikachuchoi 2-0 and advanced into phase 2 at Combo Breaker.

For his first match on the winner’s side of phase 2, qudans showed no signs of slowing down as a 2-0 win over Rip advanced him to face ITS | Cuddle_Core. Again without hesitation, qudans defeated his next adversary and claimed a spot in winner’s side of top 24.

Facing off against another high-level player from Korea, qudans took on Fursan | LowHigh in top 24. As the first player to give qudans major trouble at Combo Breaker, LowHigh won 2-0 and sent qudans to the loser’s bracket. Not out yet, qudans aimed to qualify for top 8 in his match against Trungy. The American Geese player pushed qudans to the limit, eventually ending his Combo Breaker run at ninth place.

As UYU’s final Tekken competitor, Jeondding arrived for pool play on Friday, where he quickly swept through his phase 1 opponents. Defeating Qsef in winner’s finals, Jeondding moved into phase 2 and took down Jody Tha Great and Shadow 20z in two dominant performances.

Qualifying for top 12 at Combo Breaker, Jeondding then took down Circa | Joey Fury 2-1, one of America’s top players. Securing a spot in Sunday’s top 8, Jeondding awaited his first match against ROX | Chanel.

To begin top 8, Jeondding fought a very close match against Chanel, winning 2-1 and qualifying for winner’s finals where he would face Chanel’s teammate, Knee. Despite Jeondding’s confidence and momentum, Knee slowed his Combo Breaker run down with a 3-1 win which sent Jeondding down to loser’s finals.

In loser’s finals, Jeondding started off slow but managed to make an excellent comeback against LowHigh, winning 3-2 and making his way to grand finals for a rematch against Knee.

Looking more focused than ever, Jeondding again put up a great fight against ROX | Knee, but eventually fell 3-1 again as his fantastic Combo Breaker run finished in second place.

Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition

As one of the largest premier CPT events in North America, UYU’s entire Street Fighter roster showed up ready to win at Combo Breaker 2018. With nearly 700 entrants for SFV: AE, the competition was fierce and hungry to crown a new champion.

Beginning the SFV action for UYU, Jeondding played early on Friday afternoon. Winning his first match over SETHLOLOL, he moved on to fight Dang, who sent him to the loser’s bracket early on. Returning to form, Jeondding took down both CyberAthlete and pattheflip before facing L|U | CaliPower, who ended Jeondding’s SFV pool play with a 3-2 record.

Next for UYU, Kami prepared for his pool as he took down both RT.LKT | Clawsome Bombs and AkumaZX. Facing Neon next, Kami put up a good fight but fell to the loser’s bracket of his pool.

Not out yet, Kami claimed his next victory over Juggernaut 2-0, securing a spot in loser’s semi-finals against Fudoh | Haitani. Kami’s run at Combo Breaker came to an end against the Japanese powerhouse, as he was eliminated 2-0, just shy of phase 2.

Brian_F came ready for his pool at Combo Breaker, taking two straight victories and moving on to face Ghost | KBrad for a spot in winner’s finals of his pool. Though KBrad came out on top, Brian was unfazed as he defeated both ShinLad and UpToSnuff to qualify for phase 2 on the loser’s side of the bracket.

In his first match of phase 2, Brian_F faced off against Humanbomb. As both fought hard on their path towards top 24, Humanbomb walked away with the victory as Brian_F’s Combo Breaker run ended in 65th place.

Following his teammates’ performances, Oil King was ready for the competition. Running through his opponents in phase 1 of pools, a clutch win over Red Bull | Snake Eyez locked in Oil King’s spot in phase 2. In his next match, Oil King claimed his revenge over Fujimura, who eliminated him at Stunfest, winning and moving on to also take down Echo Fox | JWong and secure a spot in top 24.

Oil King ran into trouble when fighting for a spot in top 8, as Fursan | Verloren sent him to the loser’s bracket 2-1. Facing elimination, Oil King then defeated HORI | sako with a convincing 2-0 and secured a top 8 appearance at Combo Breaker.

For his first match of top 8, Oil King faced PG | Infiltration, one of the favorites to win the event. Unfortunately, his opponent’s Juri proved to be too strong, as Oil King fell 3-0 and finished in seventh place at Combo Breaker.

Determined to showcase his strength at Combo Breaker, NL began his tournament with a quick run through his pool early on Friday, qualifying for phase 2 on winner’s side after defeating Mo-Joe in winner’s finals of his pool.

NL’s preparation for the event continued to show on Saturday, as consecutive wins over Echo Fox | Punk and HORI | sako secured him a top 12 spot at Combo Breaker.

In his next match against RISE | MenaRD, NL proved worthy of a top 8 spot with a convincing 2-0 sweep of the reigning Capcom Cup champion.

To begin top 8 on Sunday, NL faced Red Bull | Bonchan in a nail-biter match that came down to the final round of game 5. Never cracking under pressure, NL pulled away with a clutch 3-2 victory and secured a winner’s finals spot. In this next match, NL competed against Razer | Xian to lock in a grand finals spot. Dropping just one game of the set, NL won 3-1 and secured a position in grand finals.

Awaiting his challenger, NL saw Xian return from loser’s side for a rematch in grand finals. As the two battled all the way to game five of grand finals, NL took down Xian a second time with a 3-2 victory to claim first place at Combo Breaker 2018. With this victory, he claims his very first premier-level win on the Capcom Pro Tour and now sits at third place on the global CPT leaderboard.


As the long, exciting weekend comes to an end for UYU at Combo Breaker, the team looks ahead to many upcoming tournaments against competitors around the world. Be sure to follow along as UYU prepares for more Street Fighter, Tekken, and anime action throughout the summer!