UYU Announces Sponsorship From Qanba

UYU is proud to announce Qanba USA as our first official sponsorship partner and official fight stick provider for Team UYU. Qanba is a ubiquitous presence throughout the worldwide fighting game community. They are among the most well known supporters of the community, sponsoring teams, hosting community events, and most notably, partnering with the Tekken World Tour.

“Qanba is pleased to announce the sponsorship of UYU. We're looking forward to supporting some of the best talent and content creators in the FGC with the best products.” - Jeff, Qanba USA

UYU players have already found success with Qanba’s Obsidian joysticks this year.

“I am very happy to be with sponsored by Qanba. I will try hard to achieve good results in the future with the Obsidian that helped me win my first CPT and Premier events.” - NL, 1st Place Street Fighter V finish at both Saigon Cup and Combo Breaker 2018.

“I am very excited for the long term partnership between Qanba and UYU. I have long been a fan of Qanba products, personally owning and often recommending several models, including the Drone, Obsidian and Dragon.” - Qudans, 2017 Tekken World Tour Champion, 1st in Tekken 7 at Fighting Game Challenge and 2nd at CEO and UYU team member.

The support provided by Qanba for our organization and team, including their open and collaborative attitude towards our players' input and suggestions, has been amazing. And as two organizations firmly rooted in the FGC, we look forward to winning together with Qanba.

“After speaking with Andy and Jeff, and experiencing their passion for the scene first hand, it became clear that Qanba is the right stick company for us to grow with.” - Drew, President of UYU.

As one of the winningest teams in the FGC with an international roster, we are excited to be in partnership with the winningest fighting stick manufacturer. We look forward to working together with Qanba to promote the growth of the FGC worldwide.