A Month in Review: November

November was a month of massive partnerships for UYU. The esports team bridged a gap between fighting games and first-person shooters as they entered the Call of Duty World League arena with a roster of strong players. They also officially joined forces with ASTRO Gaming. See how it all went down in the recap below.

UYU G.O. x Palushina

Tekken 7, Street Fighter V, and Soul Calibur VI player Palushina was selected for the UYU G.O. sponsorship, and was sent to Dreamhack Atlanta to compete alongside the UYU family. You can learn more about Palushina in a recent interview conducted prior to her trip.

GameTyrantExpo Results

Cloud805 mixed his opponents during the Dragon Ball FighterZ tournament at the GameTyrantExpo and finished at a remarkable 2nd place.

Street Fighter V NA CPT Online East 2 East Results

Brian_F boxed his way through the online competition, landing enough TKOs to make 5th in the Street Fighter V NA CPT Online East 2 East tournament.

Red Bull Kumite

Oil King took a visit to Paris for the Red Bull Kumite 2018 tournament, an annual Street Fighter V invitational held for the strongest players collected from around the globe.

In true Oil King fashion, the Rashid player made a surprising reveal during his walkway entrance.

UYU x TrueTokyo

Jeondding’s enthusiastic victory nod appears in one of CNN’s exploratory videos of Japan called TrueTokyo.


UYU announced their arrival into the Call of Duty World League in the most explosive manner by performing well in the CWL 2000 Series, using a strong lineup of players comprised of Spoof, Proto, Skyz, Nova, and Mayhem. The team placed Top 4 in their inaugural run.



After months sporting their wares at the biggest tournaments and populated streams, UYU became an official partner of ASTRO Gaming, and the team couldn’t be happier with the union.

DreamHack Atlanta 2018 Results

A mixture of UYU’s Pro and Stream teams arrived to compete at DreamHack Atlanta 2018 event.

During the tournaments, YUYU and her relentless Ling play reached 3rd in Tekken 7.

On the side of Street Fighter V, Lil’ Evil was a high def picture of strength, earning 7th in Street Fighter V.

Sports met esports on the virtual battlefield of Tekken 7 as Atlanta Hawks’ player Justin Anderson pit his Law against YUYU’s Lucky Chloe.


ARUUU got some hands-on time with the highly configurable and highly fresh Astro C40 TR Gaming Controller.


Red Bull Conquest Results

As the representatives of the Phoenix and Los Angeles areas respectively, P. Ling and Kizzie Kay both reached Top 8 at Red Bull Conquest, earning a significant amount of points for their regions.

P. Ling brought out his Lei for the Tekken 7 Conquest finals, and earned 5th place. In the Guilty Gear Xrd REV2 Conquest finals, Kizzie Kay doled out big damage and gained 3rd place.

UYU x We Are

Jinhee was invited by the ESA Foundation and Red Bull Media House to speak alongside other industry leaders at the We Are panel.

BornFree x P.Ling

BornFree interviewed P. Ling at Red Bull Conquest over his transition to Lei and the level of competitive play in the Tekken 7 scene.

UYU x Twitch

Within the span of a single stream and from the comfort of her GT Omega Racing chair, YUYU quickly amassed over 1,000 followers dedicated to watching her new Twitch channel.

Tyrant’s adventures in Street Fighter V were brought to Twitch’s front page, bringing fresh eyes towards his stream, and by proxy, the fighting game scene.

For other players, soloing an entire team during a round of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is a tall order. For Spoof, it’s a walk in the park.

Drop x Shop

The fans demanded more apparel, and the team responded by opening the UYU Shop for its Early Access members.

UYU x TWT Finals Preparation

Before the team reaches the venues of the Tekken World Tour Finals and Capcom Cup Finals, we recounted their adventures and most momentous occasions over the course of the past year.

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