A Month in Review: January 2019

New year. New UYU. The team is filled with fresh faces ready to dominate in their respective circuits, from a legacy professional player joining the Call of Duty side, to another strong Tekken focused addition already displaying his prowess. January was a month filled with major accomplishments, and the year has only just begun.

Taste Test x G FUEL

Why does Oil King’s favorite flavor of G FUEL remind us of Rashid? Find out which delicious G FUEL flavors best fit our Street Fighter team as they take an energized taste test.

COD G Fuel.jpg

The Call Of Duty players received their own box of power from the sponsors to keep them charged up during the Call of Duty World Qualifiers.

Knight x UYU

Knight Joins UYUCOD.jpg

The competition at the League Qualifiers is about to get cooked, as professional Call of Duty player Knight stepped in with UYU COD team.

You can catch more moments of him effortlessly slaying whole teams on his Twitch channel.

Methodz x UYU

Methodz Joins UYUCOD.jpg

With a pedigree dating all the way back to Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, veteran player Methodz sets his sights on UYU.

Call Of Duty Pro League Qualifiers Results

COD Pro League Pools.jpg

It was a difficult weekend-long battle, but the Call Of Duty players nabbed their hard-earned spot in the Call of Duty Pro League after taking down Red Reserve and ending with a 4-2 record.

Mayhem Graphic.jpg


UYU x WSO .jpg

We partnered with WinnerStaysOn group in the UK to send a local player to EVO Japan as part of the UYU:GO program. At the tournament’s end, Grand Master Vega player Jester Power was nominated to represent the team. Claws up!

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LowHigh x UYU Pro Model Arcade Stick

During one of his Twitch streams, LowHigh unboxed his beautifully custom-made UYU Qanba Obsidian, while also showcasing the vast configuration possibilities of the arcade stick.

UltraChen x UYU

BornFree, alongside continual collaborator CoreAGaming, were mentioned in UltraDavid and James Chen’s FGC Members of the Year discussion. We appreciate the shoutouts and plan to continue assisting both creators in the future!

Qudans x EWGF

The Mishima characters are among the most difficult to play in Tekken 7, but luckily the best Devil Jin player has been making some tutorials to help others step up their wave dashes.

Esports Nation Nagasaki Results

Lowhigh Debut.jpg

Fit in some new UYU attire, LowHigh’s first tournament run as a UYU member was marked with a great 4th placement at the Esports Nation Nagasaki Tekken 7 event.

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Frosty Faustings 2019 Results

Kizzie GTO.jpg

Equipped with their GT Omega backpacks and ASTRO Gaming headsets, the Arc System Works players conquered the top spots in multiple titles in one of the biggest anime fighting game tournaments of the year.

Cloud Medal.jpg

In Dragon Ball FighterZ, Cloud sent his opponents to the next dimension and placed 5th in the tournament.

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Kizzie Win.jpg

Nobody could stop Kizzie Kay’s barrage of Beak Drivers, which culminated in a 1st place victory in the Guilty Gear Xrd REV 2 tournament, and a spot in ArcRevo Tour finals later this year.

Qanba x Kizzie Kay

GG Stick.jpg

What’s nicer than a Qanba Obsidian arcade stick? An Obsidian decked out in full Guilty Gear artwork, like the one Kizzie Kay received from our friends at Qanba. They also dropped off a 10 percent discount that applies to anything at Qanba store if you use the code “UYU2019” at checkout.

Kizzie Kay x Arc System Works

Kizzie Arcsys Show.jpg

Kizzie Kay was invited on the Arc System Works Livestream to talk about the exciting Guilty Gear Xrd REV2 matches, including his own wins, that took place at Frosty Faustings 2019.

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Double x UYU

Double Joins.jpg

The Tekken team stacks up on top level Marshall Law players as they welcomed Double to the family, who placed 2nd in the massive Tekken World Tour Finals Last Chance Qualifier in 2018.

UYU x GT Omega Racing

In the pursuit of comfort, YUYU and ARUU banded together to assemble a sleek GT Omega Racing chair.

You can try your hand at building your own chair or grabbing other GTO gear - Plus, get 5% off your total purchase using code “UYU” at checkout!

NL x Fans

NL Fans.jpg

It was his first fan meetup, and the turnout was incredible. NL met up with some of his followers this month, who brought a cake with his face on it.

NL Cake.jpg

We can’t wait to meet more of our fans throughout the year during the tournament season this year!

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