A Month in Review: February 2019

Short month, big wins. Oil King took a top spot in EVO Japan while the Call Of Duty players began their reign in multiple events. The tournament season is just starting, but the UYU team is already making moves. Check out how below.

Call of Duty World League: Pro League Results

The COD Team took a trip to Columbus in order to compete in the toughest Pro League Division in the scene, where they took down teams such as Luminosity, Evil Geniuses, and more.

UYU x Resident Evil

The horrors of Resident Evil 2: Remake kept the UYU team on the edge of their snug GT Omega Racing chairs as they ventured through the zombie-infested Raccoon City.

EVO Japan 2019 Results

EVO Japan.png

EVO Japan may precede EVO, but the competition that attended was every bit as formidable as the US-based tournament. Flying through a mix of hidden local talent and well-known players, Oil King reached 7th place in the Street Fighter V tournament.

Oil King.jpg

UYU:GO nominee Jester Power also put on a graceful yet deadly display during his Street Fighter V matches. You can find more about the man behind the mask in the video below.

Tyrant x Marvel Mixups

Tyrant mixed Marvel Vs Capcom with Street Fighter when he performed this ridiculous Kolin setup during one of his streams.

BeautifulDude x Shonen Showdown Tournament


BeautifulDude was invited to the Shonen Showdown pre-release tournament for Jump Force and walked away with first place by using only the most top tier of tactics.

Anime Ascension 2019 Results


Kizzie Kay took a picture with some new fans after he reached 7th in Guilty Gear REV 2 tournament at Anime Accession 2019, while BeautifulDude made it to 7th in Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus R.

Knight x The Shot

Completely in the zone, surprised himself with the sickest of shots on his Twitch stream.

WGN Championship Series: Qualifier Results


You love to see it. The UYU COD Team played hard and reached a qualifying spot for the WGN Championship Series set to happen in April.

Kizzie Kay x Neutral

Kizzie Stream.jpg

There’s a lot of information to grasp when it comes to Guilty Gear Xrd REV 2, so Kizzie Kay created a tutorial series focused on how to approach the neutral.

UYU x Stream Highlights

When the combos come out on a Qanba Obsidian just right, you start to feel a certain way, and the Anime Team expressed their pride in a new video.

UYU x Cosplay


Easy peezy lemon squeezy. The UYU Stream Team effortlessly cosplayed the new Tekken 7 DLC characters. We can’t wait to see what both ARUUU and Metal Kat do with Julia and Negan on their future streams!

Metal Kat.jpg

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