A Month in Review: March 2019

Branching out and building bridges. UYU broke into new genres, picking up top professional players in new games and community-invested streamers. That doesn’t mean they’ve slacked on other fronts, as the Fighting Game teams began the season in a strong way.

BixLe x UYU


Dropping into one of the biggest games was an inevitability. We begin competing in Apex Legends with professional player BixLe leading the charge.  

Parzelion x UYU


Parzelion squads up with #UYUCOD as the Main AR for the battles at the Call Of Duty World League event in Fort Worth. We think he’ll fit perfect with the team, especially with Methodz. We aren’t the only ones who feel this way.

Beehzy x UYU


We needed a sub that could stand with our strong COD lineup, so picking up Beehzy for the Call of Duty World League run was a no-brainer.

Final Round 2019 Results

Oil King.jpg

The first Capcom Pro Tour event was filled with the strongest Street Fighter V players from around the globe, but the UYU Street Fighter team proved themselves to be hungrier than most.

Oil King defeated numerous top contenders and placed 5th at the end of the tournament.

Oil King x Fan Meetup

Fan Meetup.jpg

Oil King drew in quite the crowd at a fan meetup in Taiwan, signing signatures to his fans. Maybe it’s the shorts, or maybe it’s the expert Rashid play. Maybe it’s both.

Fan Meetup 2.jpg

NL x Pro Tour History

As NL joins the UYU squad for another year of astonishing results, we composed a highlight reel of his dominant high-flying Cammy action from 2018.

Oil King x Pro Tour History

NL isn’t the only player re-signing under the UYU banner. Oil King is, once again, ready to make some turbulence during the Capcom Pro Tour.


We got our hands on perfection, as ASTRO sent us the game-changing C40 TR controller. Take a look at the new wave in our unboxing video.

Tekken World Tour x Preparation

The largest Tekken tournament circuit begins soon, and our Tekken Team couldn’t be more ready.

AphexArcade x UYU


Find yourself a variety streamer with an amazing personality that also plays a little bit of everything. We’re excited to welcome Aphex to the UYU Streamer Team.

Kruzadar x UYU


Humor, skills, chill - Kruzadar brings her talents to the Stream Team. You can tune in and watch the hilarity here.

Call of Duty World League: Pro League Month 2 Results


The second wave of Pro League matches were in full swing, and the COD Team kept their composure throughout. Check out highlights of their clean play below.

YUYU x Negan

YUYU made her opponents take it like a champ when she took the new Tekken 7 character Negan out for a test drive on her stream.

World Electronic Sports Games Results


The Tekken Team stormed the WESG event, determined to show off the training they’ve done for the Tekken World Tour. Double hit 3rd place in the tournament, and YUYU reached 2nd.

Cloud x Combos

Few players can conceptualize combos so early after a patch drops like Cloud805 can, and even fewer can execute them, as he quickly found some fresh routes for Dragon Ball FighterZ during his stream.

NL x GT Omega Bag

A customized Qanba Obsidian stick. A G Fuel shaker with packets of energized powder. The high quality ASTRO Gaming headsets. What can’t fit in the spacious GT Omega backpack?

Youtube x UYU


Our official channel just became a YouTube Partner! If you haven’t already hit that subscribe button and browsed through the latest videos, now’s a good time to start.

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Ryan Collins