A Month in Review: April 2019

It’s a focus on expansion for domination, as UYU grew further in multiple genres. We revealed the roster of our professional Apex players, and introduced more top talent into their Stream and COD squads. On the side of the fighting game teams, multiple players nabbed big points in the tournaments circuits of their respective titles. Take a tour of April’s highlights below.

UYU x Apex Roster

It may have been April 1st, but the announcement of our stacked Apex Legends team was no joke.  Samurai and FishyJD joined BixLe to complete the Apex Legends Pro Team, prepared and primed to take UYU to the top of the Battle Royale scene.

Oil King x Call of Duty

Even with a background in FPS games, Oil King still got mixed when we quizzed him on the Call of Duty’s most common terms.

Kaiacos x UYU

Twitch Partner, Cosplayer, and League Of Legends player  Kaiacos brings her repertoire to the UYU Stream Team. Become a fan of her Twitch channel here.

Tekken x UYUFC

Europe’s top players went against the upper echelon of Korea’s Tekken professionals in the first UYUFC challenge, where the winning team earned the right to select a non sponsored player from their region to attend a Tekken World Tour Event as rep for the UYU;GO program. Watch all of the high level play, hilarious commentary, and fun side challenges.

DamagermanY 2019 Results

LowHigh wanted to test himself and see how far he could take Shaheen at DamagermanY 2019’s Tekken 7 tournament. After going undefeated in casuals, he went on a tear throughout the tournament and nabbed 2nd place after the closest of sets.


LowHigh’s “nah, no” image was trending worldwide on the gif collective site that is Tenor. We’ve collaborated with them in order to make it even easier to find the most iconic reactionary faces of the team! Just search “UYU” in the Tenor app or hit up the dedicated page here.

The MIXUP: Tournament Results

From a pool of players hungry for Tekken World Tour points at The Mixup tournament, LowHigh emerged to make an amazing run through the Losers side of the bracket and grab 3rd place.


UYU President Drew was able to sample what high quality sound equipment looks like when he unboxed the ASTRO A40 TR Headset and Mixamp Pro TR.  

Jeondding x GTOmega Backpack

No headphones at the venue? With his Astro headsets, it’s no problem. Jeondding revealed what he keeps in his GTOmega Racing backpack, including his Qanba Obsidian arcade stick, a stock of powerful G Fuel, and much more.

Royalty x UYU

The COD Team was in need of some nobility, and they found it when Royalty graced them with his presence, ready to fry at Gfinity’s Call of Duty World League tournament in London.

Northwest Majors 2019 Results

Photo Courtesy of  EveryDamnDayyy

Photo Courtesy of EveryDamnDayyy

Rocking the new UYU jerseys, Kami and BeautifulDude put the oppression on the competition at Northwest Majors in their respective games.   

Kami reached 3rd place in the Street Fighter V tournament, while BeautifulDude hit 4th in BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle and 5th in Guilty Gear Xrd REV 2.

TeddyRecks x UYU  

COD player TeddyRecks  joined the Stream Team army this month, and crafted this awesome black and red skin for his Saug in celebration. Give him a follow on his Twitch channel!

UYU x MK11

MK Aruuu.jpg

The stream team executed some tasty GFuel flavored UYU-alities on their quest to defend Earthrealm when Mortal Kombat 11 dropped. Don’t forget to use Code: “UYU” for 10% off all purchases on the GFuel website.

Qanba x UYU Obsidian Pro v2 (White)

Champion quality arcade stick for a champion level player. LowHigh received a decked out Qanba Obsidian with some custom UYU artwork. You can get 10% off all Qanba products when you use Code: “UYU2019” on the Qanba site.

The Tour: Part 1 x UYU

Follow the UYU family worldwide as they grind, compete, and grind even harder in different areas of the globe in our latest Youtube series called “The Tour”.

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Ryan Collins