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A Month in Review: December

Countless hours spent traveling the globe, grinding sets, and studying matchups all came to a head for the UYU Tekken and Street Fighter teams as they reached the finale of the tournament circuits. We’ve created a compilation of their most spectacular moments in December, alongside some other bombastic wins as the UYU family continues to grow.

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A Month in Review: November

November was a month of massive partnerships for UYU. The esports team bridged a gap between fighting games and first-person shooters as they entered the Call of Duty World League arena with a roster of strong players. They also officially joined forces with ASTRO Gaming.

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"There's life outside of fighting games? Sounds boring" - Shina "Palushina" Williams

The first recipient of the UYU;GO spot sponsorship will be Shina “Palushina” Williams from Ohio, who has elected to compete at DreamHack Atlanta on November 16-18. Palushina will be joined by other female members of UYU’s pro and stream teams for UYU Fight Camp - where the women will share tech, create content, and enrich and empower each other.

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